A 4-day meeting of contemporary developments in Mathematical Logic, with a focus on the themes of interest to the members of the Équipe de Logique in the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu–Paris Rive Gauche.

There will be symposium-type seminars given by eight invited speakers from a range of other European centers of research in Logic.

  • Registration
  • Dates : 9th–12th May 2023
  • Speakers :
    • Sam van Gool (Paris Cité)
    • Ekaterina Fokina (Vienna)
    • Franziska Jahnke (Münster)
    • Aleksandra Kwiatkowska (Münster)
    • Vincenzo Mantova (Leeds)
    • Paul Shafer (Leeds)
    • Todor Tsankov (Lyon)
    • Matteo Viale (Turin)
  • Location : Room 278, Halle aux Farines, Campus Grandes Moulins, Université Paris Cité, 75013 Paris
  • Organisers :
    • Sylvy Anscombe
    • Ludovic Patey
    • Tamara Servi
    • Alessandro Vignati
  • Email us : logiqueaparis@gmail.com

IMJ-PRG Université Paris Cité Sorbonne Université CNRS